Argus Monitoring Solutions

Argus is a tech enabled services platform that provides seismic and environmental monitoring services for mines, quarries, and construction sites.

Argus Monitoring Solutions Business Units

Argus Monitoring Solutions provides critical monitoring and analysis services to quarries, mines, pile driving operations, and infrastructure
builders. Argus enables its customers to comply with regulatory requirements, protect against third-party damage claims, optimize production and process management, and maintain favorable public relations.


Vibration and noise monitoring, inspection services, and consultative planning to
maintain compliance and document effects transmitted to nearby structures. Key applications include:

Civil Construction

Sensitive Structures

Marine Construction




Pre-and Post-Condition Surveys

Pre and post-condition survey documentation of surrounding structures and adjacent properties for construction/blasting.

Vibration and Noise Monitoring

Monitoring ground vibrations from blasting and other heavy construction sources, as well as providing valuable data to address noise complaints and ensure compliance with health and safety noise exposure limits

Environmental Monitoring

Real-time visibility plus alerts and notifications for critical weather and water parameters helps efficiently manage NPDES programs and stay in compliance.

Monitor Plan Development

Estimating the effects of blast and construction vibration and noise and developing plans to monitor and control these effects.

Structural Movement Monitoring

Monitoring structural movement to identify cost-effective solutions and mitigate potential movement.

Claim Support, Claim Resolution, Expert Testimony

Credible expert support in addressing vibration complaints, allegations of damage, and expert testimony if a claim leads to litigation.

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